Aviationtag Cares 2019!

Aviationtag Cares. And so should you.

After the big success of our charity auction in 2018, we are raffling off 10 rare Aviationtags for charity once again.

100% of the revenues of those ten auctions will be donated to the “Balthasar Children’s & Young Adults’ Hospice” in Olpe, close to our premises in Cologne. Coming to terms with a child’s diagnosis of life-shortening conditions, or a family member’s changing state of health, can fundamentally change a family’s life. The hospice is a shelter along the way – a place to live and laugh, to die and grieve.

Find out more about the “Balthasar Children’s & Young Adults’ Hospice” at
Regardless if you are participating in our auction or not, your donation directly to the hospice would be much appreciated. More information on donations can be found on their website.

And here is an overview of the Aviationtags you can bid on and the links to the auctions:

All auctions can be found here – (our ebay seller name is aviationtag_com) :

If you click on one of the thumbnails below, you will go straight to that particular auction:

Lufthansa Boeing 747

Lufthansa Boeing 747

Thai Airways Boeing 777

Thai Airways Boeing 777

Swiss Airbus A340

Cathay Pacific Boeing 747

Cathay Pacific Boeing 747

KLM Boeing 747

fastjet Airbus A319

Metrojet Airbus A321

Update: All in all we were able to raise more than 2.500€ with this auction - thanks to everyone who helped!

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