Introducing Aviationtag Ambassador Javi

Introducing Aviationtag Ambassador Javi

Aviationtag Ambassadors

Introducing the fourth chapter of our Aviationtag Ambassador series, where we transcend boundaries and connect with aviation enthusiasts worldwide. Today, we're thrilled to showcase Javi, a 34-year-old photographer from the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain. His passion for aviation exemplifies the universal appeal of Aviationtags, uniting fans and collectors from every corner of the globe. Join us as we delve into Javi's journey and discover the shared love for aviation that knows no geographical limits.

Javi, what do you do for a living and in your spare time?

I am a professional photographer and digital retoucher, specializing in various sectors such as fashion, e-commerce, architecture, product photography, aviation, and more. Additionally, I teach photography and Photoshop at two schools in Barcelona and collaborate with image libraries to sell some of my photographs. In my spare time, I enjoy creating designs using my Aviationtags, imagining how they would appear on the original fuselage. Many of these designs are shared on my Instagram page.

Is there a particular reason why you are interested in aviation and aircrafts?

I attended several airshows when I was little and since that, I always dreamed of being a fighter pilot.
But life took me in another direction. Luckily over the years, my life has connected again with aviation in many ways.

How many Aviationtags do you own?

Apx. 230 Aviationtags with of them 115 displayed, and all the rest in a safe place.

How did it all start with collecting Aviationtags?    

Back in 2019, while searching for diecast models online, I stumbled upon the Aviationtag website. Initially, I thought, "You have enough diecast models to collect," considering I already owned over 700. However, realizing the challenge of displaying such a large collection, I made the decision to sell them all and start collecting Aviationtags instead. They are much nicer, smaller, easier to display, and carry more history and personality. My first purchase consisted of two full blue ANA Boeing 767 Aviationtags (one for myself and the other for my best friend), along with a yellow DHL Boeing 757 Aviationtag that has been hanging from my backpack ever since.

Do you collect any other airline memorabilia?

I have a small collection of safety cards that people give to me when they travel, as they know I love aviation. However, I don't officially collect them.

Do you fly a lot?

I try to fly as much as possible as I love to travel. And thanks to aviation photography, I am constantly visiting different airports in Europe and worldwide.

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What is your favorite Aviationtag and why?

It’s really hard to choose between so many and I could say several, but I think I will choose the Iberia Airbus A300 EC-DLH, as it comes from the flagship carrier of my country, and it has one of the most wonderful and unique color combinations that I've ever seen, the gold/red bicolor.

What is your favorite aircraft type and airline – and why?

There are many aircraft that I really like, but focusing on commercial aviation, I have always felt a special love for the MD-11. It’s a plane that looks super stylish, and I've never seen a livery that looks bad on it. I especially like it when you mix the Martinair Cargo livery with the MD-11.

Has there been any particular event, whether before, during, or after a flight, that stands out as interesting or amusing?

Some of those trips, I take with my friends. One is a future pilot, and the other is an airplane mechanic. They always explain a lot of interesting things about the aviation world and industry during our flights. Traveling with them means having a great time and learning a lot about aviation. It's a privilege of friendship.

What does your dream Aviationtag look like? Which airline/aircraft?

Fortunately, I already own some of my dream Aviationtags, such as the yellow/red DHL, the green/white EVA Air, and the yellow/blue Lufthansa, among others. However, as mentioned earlier, a tag that I truly hope to acquire in the future is a red white Martinair Cargo MD-11F. But if I can indulge in a little dreaming, why not an AWACS Aviationtag?

Is there anything else you'd like to share in this interview?

My collection stands as a testament to the incredible generosity and support within the Aviationtag community. It wouldn’t have been possible without the help and kindness of many people around the globe. So, I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude once again to all those who have been involved in helping me build my collection over time. The list would be endless, but you know who you are. Thank you very much!

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