The making of "the making of" Video


Behind the Scenes...

A little while ago, we released our "Aviationtag - The Making Of" video, which you can of course find in our YouTube channel. Today we would like to share some exclusive pictures from behind the scenes with you, so you can see how the video was done. Enjoy!

On Day 1 of the shooting, we went to Enschede in the Netherlands where the former KLM Boeing 747 PH-BFR was being dismantled.


Then we went back to our premises in Cologne / Germany and started cutting the piece down and taking the skin of the ribs. After that we cut the aircraft skin into long slices and punched the typical Aviationtag form tag out it.


Now that the aircraft skin really looks like an Aviationtag already, they enter the final production stage. We clean them and sand the edges before we laser engrave both front and back side of the tags. After the laser engraving, we clean them again and add the chain to it and its unique cardboard. Done!

We hope and believe you found this interesting. Stay tuned for more posts and of course more tags coming your way!

And hey - do you have an Aviationtag from the former KLM Boeing 747 PH-BFR already?

Production process of our Aviationtags from the former KLM Boeing 747 PH-BFR

Go, get yours now!

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