Aviationtag Airbus A319 Edition VP-BHF

Today is green day - the VP BHF Story!


The Airbus A319-100 left the factory doors for the US carrier Northwest Airlines in September 2002 sporting registration N350NB and manufacturer serial number (MSN) 1819. In July 2007, the Airbus changed hands to S7 - Siberia Airlines and was re-registered as VP-BHF.

VP-BHF Up in the air

Boasting 124 seats it served mainly European destinations such as Munich, Vienna and Verona. Altogether, the airline offers its passengers a network of routes covering 181 cities in 26 countries. In 2015, VP-BHF was reconfigured to offer 134 seats (C8Y126), and in 2016 it was upgraded to a single-class plane boasting 144 seats. Once it had reached the grand old age of 18, in October 2020 S7 retired the Airbus, parking it at St Athan Airport until February 2021.

VP-BHF Teardown

The airline is known for its distinctive green livery, which now graces our tags, too. Some fun current facts about the airline: In 2022, the airline published a special annual report. Whilst it reported that it had transported more than 17.8 million passengers in 2021, almost 16.3 million of which were domestic, that was not all. It calculated that all its flights taken together had covered 261,047,638 kilometres – "340 times to the moon and back", as the airline notes. Its most loyal customer took 312 flights, spending an estimated 81,000 minutes or 56 days on their aircrafts, so the airline. What’s more, the total weight of luggage transported in 2021 amounted to 110,287,786 kilograms. Passengers were three times more likely to bring bicycles, snowboards, surfboards and other outdoor sports items than during the pre-pandemic year 2019. We are thrilled to now be bringing you this colourful stunner of a tag!

Aviationtag Airbus A319 Edition VP-BHF

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