We stand with the people of Ukraine!

We have been contemplating if we should stop selling our Aviationtag Edition from the former S7 Airlines Airbus 319 and chose not to. It is important to mention that there were no Russian parties/companies involved in the purchase of the plane parts and no Russian party will benefit from our sales. We made it very clear that we stand with the people of Ukraine in other ways and chose not to promote this edition at all. With the situation getting worse and worse in the Ukraine, we feel that it is time for us to act: We will continue selling parts of an aircraft that was last operated by a Russian airline and will use those sales to help people in the Ukraine. For every VP-BHF Aviationtag sold from now on, we will donate 5€ to the UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) to help the Ukrainian refugees. Thanks for reading and if you are interested in this Aviationtag, please click below.

Aviationtag Airbus A319 Edition VP-BHF

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