The Lufthansa Crane is back at Aviationtag!

An Aviationtag edition crafted from the fuselage of an Airbus A340-600 already took flight for the Lufthansa Upcycling Collection in 2019. It was available in the Lufthansa WorldShop and on-board long-haul Lufthansa flights. The next Airbus sporting the iconic crane on its tail fin is now landing at, just in time for the manufactory's fifth anniversary.

The last Lufthansa Airbus came to Aviationtag in late 2019 where it was transformed into an exclusive edition for the Lufthansa WorldShop. The Aviationtags crafted in Cologne from the A340-600 D-AHIO were available exclusively through the official partner and were a resounding success among the “Miles & More” community. Now the next crane is winging its way to the Cologne manufactory and this time can be purchased from Aviationtag’s own online shop: Airbus A340-600 with the registration D-AIHR. The aircraft first took to the skies for Lufthansa in 2007, proving itself a reliable and robust “workhorse” during its almost ten years of service. On 27 March 2014, it touched down in Tokyo amid strong crosswinds with a force of over 2.8 G, bringing all its passengers to the terminal without incident and successfully mastering one of the trickiest landings an A346 ever had to make in the process. In 2019, the plane with serial number MSN 794 finally embarked on its last journey to Pinal Airpark in Marana, Arizona. Now it is returning to Germany, where its fuselage is being reborn as an Aviationtag edition limited to 8,500 tags – each one unique - officially licensed by Lufthansa and available in the Aviationtag shop.

This entailed parts of the outer skin being disassembled and cut at our very own manufactory in Cologne until they were small enough be punched into the distinct Aviationtag shape. The final step in this upcycling process was precise laser engraving. Each of the strictly limited-edition Aviationtags® now features the edition number and size, aircraft type, registration number and the unmistakable Lufthansa crane. Each Aviationtag may differ from other serial numbers in thickness, colour and structure and is one of a kind. The engraved data can even be used to locate registered users*. Aviationtag’s custom Lost & Found Service has already reunited many a lost Aviationtag and its attached bunch of keys with its owner. The unique tags will embark on a new life as key and luggage tags - and as collectors' items, as a good part of Aviationtag’s clientele are true-blue aviation enthusiasts. But actually, almost anyone who loves to travel will fall for the small tags. Because Aviationtags enable their owners to capture that inimitable feeling in their everyday lives: the feeling of taking off for faraway lands with that distinct tail wind behind you, headed for new adventures and experiences. The Aviationtags® from the D-AIHR are now available in the Aviationtag shop.

Get yours now!

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