Aviationtag X Etihad Boeing 777-200LR A6-LRB

Aviationtag X Etihad is back!

From Abu Dhabi to the World of Aviationtag - The next cooperation with Etihad Airways is ready for take-off!

The Boeing 777-200LR sporting registration VT-ALB and manufacturer serial number (MSN) 36301 was delivered to Air India on 24 August 2007 and christened “Arunachal Pradesh”. The Indian airline used to be India’s national carrier and was acquired by Tata Sons in early October 2021, the same company it had been founded by in 1932 and that had operated it before it was nationalised in 1953.


After seven years with India’s then flag carrier, the plane changed hands to Etihad Airways on 30 April 2014. Under its new registration A6-LRB, the Boeing 777-200LR took to the skies until March 2018, averaging 30 flights per month to Los Angeles, Dusseldorf, Munich and Abu Dhabi, to name just a few destinations. The aircraft offered passengers 237 seats, which broke down into eight seats in first class, 40 in business class and 189 in economy. Etihad Airways is the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates, headquartered in Abu Dhabi and based at the airport there. It is a member of the Arab Air Carriers Organization and founder of the aviation alliance Etihad Airways Partners.

On February 2022, the Etihad Airways fleet comprised 91 planes with an average age of 6.9 years.


Fun fact about the B777-200LR: In November 2005, the second Boeing 777-200LR prototype left Hong Kong to fly across the Pacific, North America and the Atlantic to London. Test pilot Suzanna Darcy-Hennemann landed at Heathrow Airport at approximately 14:30 CET on 10 November 2005, 22 hours and 42 minutes after take-off, setting a new record of 21,601 km for the longest non-stop flight of an aircraft commercial, non-military aircraft.

Only 60 Boeing 777-200 LRs “Worldliners” with an especially long range were produced and our A6-LRB was the very first aircraft of this model to be scrapped and recycled. Altavair AirFinance bought it for this purpose, re-registering it as N281UA, parking it in San Bernardino, California.


We are thrilled to present our exclusive Aviationtag collaboration with Etihad Airways and to be bringing the first pieces of this aircraft home to you!

Aviationtag X Etihad Edition Photo of the available color variations

Go, get yours now!

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