Brexit FAQ

Brexit FAQ


Despite the fact that the EU and the UK came to an agreement just before the end of the year, we had to implement a minimum order amount of 160€ for all UK customers. Otherwise we would not only have to declare and pay British VAT for those orders, but also we would have to register in the UK and do tax declarations in the UK. Obviously that is not feasible for a company of our size.

We totally understand that this might be frustrating for some of you, but there is nothing we can do about it and that is a direct result of the Brexit and a decission of the British government - and not something we thought of.

Also, there is a 5€ surcharge that DHL Express is charging on all DHL Express deliveries to the UK, that we must pass on.

We have a number of retails partners in the UK who are selling our Aviationtags, so please turn to them in the meanwhile. We hope that this unacceptable VAT rule will be changed soon by the British government.

Here is an overview of our partners in the UK in alphabetical order:

Aircraft Model Store Aviamart Aviation Retail Direct (Stores in Hillingdon and Heathrow) Mann Inc. Part of a Plane Signaviation

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