DHL X Aviationtag - Win one of two Boeing 757 packages!

Win one of these two amazing DHL Boeing 757 packages!

As part of our DHL X Aviationtag promotion. you had the chance to win an Aviationtag of the former DHL Boeing 757 with the registration D-ALEH PLUS an authentic life-vest from the cockpit of this plane. What an aviation history collectible. But hey, don't bring it with you on your next flight - your airline should have own ones.

And what did you have to do to win one of these two packages?

Not much actually- you just had to comment below what is your favorite aircraft and why. Unfortunately you are too late now and the competition is over.

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DHL x Aviationtag
And the winners are...

António Palhinhas Afonso & Nick Brown Please get in touch with us through the contact form. Congratulations!

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