ANA All Nippon Airways Aviationtag Boeing 737 Edition JA02AN

The “Inspiration of Japan” is back.

After a long wait, our Aviationtag world tour finally takes us back to Asia: With the former All Nippon Airways (ANA) Boeing 737 JA02AN, we are once again featuring the Star Alliance member in our collection. The Boeing 737-700 shipped to the Japanese carrier in January 2006 sporting MSN 33872.


All Nippon Airways (Japanese 全日本空輸株式会社)is the largest Japanese airline. Listed on the Nikkei 225, the Tokyo-based company is a member of the Star Alliance aviation alliance and part of ANA Holdings. ANA’s predecessor was founded back in 1952 and initially flew helicopters. The first helicopter freight flight between Tokyo and Osaka took place in 1953, followed by the first passenger flight the year after. It was not until 1957 that a plane joined the fleet, a DC-3. ANA now boasts 214 planes with an average age of just over 8 years. ANA is a customer of both Airbus and Boeing. Its Airbus fleet ranges from the A320NEO to the Airbus A380, which the carrier still operates three of. Boeing also supplies various types of planes, from the Boeing 737 to the Dreamliner Boeing 787 - the carrier already saying goodbye to the legendary jumbo in 2014. Our Boeing 737-700 JA02AN was one of the last three planes of this type at ANA. On 27 June 2021, the last scheduled flight took place with flight number NH654 from Okayama to Haneda. Since then, All Nippon Airways has only operated the -800 version. JA02AN was also one of the first ones initally: It was one of the first Next-Generation 737 to be delivered to Japan.To mark the occasion the aircraft, dubbed the 'Gold Jet', carried the ANA livery painted in gold, an auspicious colour in Asia.

"Gold Jet" Livery

After just 15 years of service, the JA02AN’s operational life ended in May 2021 before being parked in Victorville.

Making our cuts

We are thrilled that we were then able to get our hands on these great cuts for our second All Nippon Airways Edition!

ANA All Nippon Airways Aviationtag Boeing 737 Edition JA02AN White

Go, get yours now!

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