• A real piece of Belgian Aviation History

    Another pin on our map of Europe and another country off our bucket list – Belgium. We are pleased to be able to present you the Airbus A319-100 with the registration OO-SSM today, which was used by Sabena, SN Brussels Airlines and most recently Brussels Airlines, making it a real piece of Belgian aviation history. …

  • Carribean Airlines Boeing 737 9Y-KIN Aviationtag Edition

    Caribbean flair at Aviationtag!

    As the cold, dreary weather typical of this time of year in Europe sets in let us whisk you away to the Caribbean with today’s newcomer:  The Boeing 737-800 from Caribbean Airlines sporting registration 9Y-KIN is now part of the Aviationtag fleet. In November 2000, the 737 sporting Manufacturer Serial Number (MSN) 28234 was transferred …

  • 10Tanker DC-10 Aviationtag Edition N450AX

    Aviationtag X 10 Tanker

    Largest aerial firefighter in the world now at Aviationtag! Now that the Boeing 747-400 “Tanker 944” – previously converted into a global super tanker – has been repurposed into a cargo plane, the DC-10 100 from 10 Tanker is the largest firefighting plane in the world. It can drop 45,000 litres of water or fire …

  • Aviationtag A & Q

    In the past we have already hosted several Q & A sessions in our fan club on Facebook and also on our other channels. But we waited in vain for some questions and would like to get rid of the answers. That’s why we’re going to do it the other way around today  – and …

  • Aviationtag X Braathens

    Last week we proudly announced another collaboration with a well-known airline and another new plane type, too! The British Aerospace Avro RJ85 SE-DJO from the largest domestic Swedish airline Braathens Regional Airline is now part of the Aviationtag fleet. Braathens Regional Airlines is owned by the investment company Braganza, itself 100% owned by the Per …

  • Passaredo ATR 72 PR-PDH Aviationtag Edition

    Samba do Brasil!

    Brazil is colourful and diverse – just like the latest Aviationtag edition! The ATR 72-500 from Brazilian airline Passaredo Linhas Aéreas means we finally have a turboprop back in the Aviationtag fleet. In 1999, PR-PDH sporting manufacturer serial number (MSN) 572 was initially delivered to the Indian airline Jet Airways, operating under registration VT-JCA. After …

  • Aviationtag Airbus A380 Edition MSN 8 9V-SKD Foto (c) by EUROSPOT

    The Giant is back at Aviationtag!

    A-B-E-D. Not quite the right order, but – following the 9V-SKA, the 9V-SKB and the 9V-SKE – it gives us great pride nonetheless to now also unveil the 9V-SKD! The next former Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 to now be joining our Aviationtag fleet. 26.04.2008 was the day the Airbus A380-841 with manufacturer serial number (MSN) …

  • Eurowings Airbus A319 Aviationtag Edition D-AKNP

    The D-AKNP Aviationtag Edition

    Today we are thrilled to be adding the fantastic colours of the former Eurowings Airbus A319-100 D-AKNP to Aviationtag’s colour spectrum. The A319 sporting Manufacturer Serial Number (MSN) 1155 was shipped to US Airways and registered as N728UW right after the turn of the millennium in January 2000. US Airways initially fitted the MSN 1155 …

  • Bundeswehr Helicopter Bo 105 Aviationtag Edition 86+14

    The Story of 86+14 and the Bo 105

    This new Aviationtag Edition marks new territory for us in two respects. First, because this is our first helicopter and second, because it is our first edition crafted from a German Bundeswehr aircraft – the Bo 105 with the former ID 86+14. The Bölkow Bo 105 is a helicopter produced by the German manufacturer Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm …

  • Aviationtag Corsair Edition Boeing 747 F-GTUI

    The last French Boeing 747

    Our latest edition is taking off just in time for the start of the summer holidays in France – the former Corsair Boeing 747 F-GTUI is now joining the ranks of the Aviationtag fleet. The F-GTUI shipped to the American carrier United Airlines in August 1992 sporting MSN 26875, initially registered as N186UA. In 2005, …

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