Did you know that the Aviationtag brand was actually created by
bordbar design GmbH in Cologne?

Now you do. 

bordbar – since 2006 the name has been synonymous with the remodelling of authentic airplane trolleys into design objects. We were the first to come up with the idea of using trolleys in everyday life and not just on planes. Which is why we have the most experience on this market. And we keep on demonstrating our inventiveness with new product innovations.

Lufthansa bordbar Trolley infront of an airport building

bordbar Ju-52

bordbar’s innate passion for refurbishing old furniture and giving it a new context is what continues to drive us. We work meticulously on each design and consistently develop our trolleys at our manufacture. We live for our vision of aesthetic design and functionality in our products.

Have a look at what our bordbar colleagues are doing – we bet all you aviation enthusiasts will love the Lufthansa or Pan Am editions especially..



bordbar rivet rocker trolley on a scenic patio

bordbar rivet rocker Pan Am

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