• Lufthansa Airbus A340 Aviationtag Edition D-AIHR

    The Lufthansa Crane is back at Aviationtag!

             An Aviationtag edition crafted from the fuselage of an Airbus A340-600 already took flight for the Lufthansa Upcycling Collection in 2019. It was available in the Lufthansa WorldShop and on-board long-haul Lufthansa flights. The next Airbus sporting the iconic crane on its tail fin is now landing at aviationtag.com, just in time for the …

  • American Airlines MD82 Aviationtag N922TW


    In the eighties and nineties, the MD-80 gained cult status at American Airlines. Now bordbar is delivering 9,000 Aviationtags officially licensed by the airline crafted from one of the planes. Connoisseurs and fans affectionately dubbed it “Mad Dog”. Its other nickname, “Super 80”, was even used in adverts: “Have a super day”, “The Super 80’s …

  • Cathay Pacific Boeing 747 B-HUJ Aviationtag

    “Uniform Juliett” – a very special Boeing

                The B-HUJ was the last Boeing 747 retired by Cathay Pacific in 2016. Now it is embarking on a new journey into the hands of fans and collectors as 12,000 limited-edition Aviationtags®.             Affectionately nicknamed “Uniform Juliett” by the staff at Cathay Pacific, on 23 May 1995 it was the last Boeing 747-400 to …

  • Air Canada Boeing 767 C-FCAG

    The history of C-FCAG!

    Marking the launch of our first aircraft with a Canadian registration – the former Air Canada Boeing 767 C-FCAG – this post provides some background information about the aircraft and its history. In 1988, Boeing produced the 767-300 with the manufacturer serial number (MSN) 24085 and line number 220, delivering it to Canadian Airlines International. …

  • Interview with Andrew da Costa

    Today we continue our series of pilot interviews and asked Andrew da Costa – aka @Pilot.Drew – a number of questions. This is the third part of our “influencer” interviews, the first two were: Eva-Marie Marseille (aka Fly with Eva) Maria Fagerström (aka Maria the Pilot) Hi Drew, thanks for your time. Has it always …

  • Windrose Airbus A330 UR-WRQ Aviationtag

    The history of the UR-WRQ!

    Our former Windrose Airlines Airbus A330 is a real globetrotter! In this post, we look back on 20 years of aviation history for you, in which the A330 had no less than 7 different registrations and 8 operators! But first things first: In October 1999, the Airbus A330-200 with the manufacturer serial number (MSN) 296 …

  • Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Aviationtag Edition

    The Airbus A380 MSN 003 Story!

    Aviationtag ready for take-off with the FIRST Airbus A380! The first ever A380 to enter scheduled service, and also the first ever to be retired, now as a new edition of especially rare Aviationtags. On 25 October 2007, the largest and heaviest airliner that had ever flown on this planet took to the skies: the …

  • Former Iberia Airbus A340 EC-GUP

    The EC-GUP (hi)story!

    In response to the high demand and in celebration of the fantastic livery design we have released our third Aviationtag edition of a former Iberia aircraft already: The Airbus A340-300 with the registration EC-GUP! In May 1998, Airbus delivered the A340 with serial number 217 and test registration F-WWJG to the Spanish Oneworld member, which …

  • Christmas Aviationtag

    Christmas FAQ 2019

    FAQs for the Holiday Season 2019 has been a fantastic and exciting year for us at Aviationtag once again and that is all because of YOU! We are very grateful for your loyalty and ongoing support and would like to thank you for that. Now that Christmas is approaching, we would like to provide you …

  • Aviationtag Cares 2019!

      Aviationtag Cares. And so should you. After the big success of our charity auction in 2018, we are raffling off 10 rare Aviationtags for charity once again. 100% of the revenues of those ten auctions will be donated to the “Balthasar Children’s & Young Adults’ Hospice” in Olpe, close to our premises in Cologne.  …

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