• Christmas Aviationtag

    Christmas FAQ 2019

    FAQs for the Holiday Season 2019 has been a fantastic and exciting year for us at Aviationtag once again and that is all because of YOU! We are very grateful for your loyalty and ongoing support and would like to thank you for that. Now that Christmas is approaching, we would like to provide you …

  • Aviationtag Cares 2019!

      Aviationtag Cares. And so should you. After the big success of our charity auction in 2018, we are raffling off 10 rare Aviationtags for charity once again. 100% of the revenues of those ten auctions will be donated to the “Balthasar Children’s & Young Adults’ Hospice” in Olpe, close to our premises in Cologne.  …

  • Maria The Pilot

    Interview with Maria Fagerström – aka Maria The Pilot

    Today we have the pleasure that Maria Fagerström took the time to answer some of our questions. Maria, thanks for taking the time. You do not live in your home country – how does that feel for you? I’ve always had an idea of living in Sweden where I grew up, but once I got …

  • Interview with Scott Bateman – former Captain of the XV209

    What does your pilot career look like? I started my interest in aviation when I joined the Air Cadet organisation back in 1985. This fuelled my passion for all things aviation and it was a natural progression when I joined the RAF in 1990 as an Air Loadmaster on the C130. After training I served …

  • DHL X Aviationtag – Behind the Scenes

    DHL Express has been Aviationtag’s logistics and shipping partner since December 2018. From the very outset, DHL was not just a reliable and strong partner, but also a partner that believed in and loved the Aviationtag product. Shortly after partnering up, we were offered a former DHL ATR-42 and had the idea of launching a …

  • DHL X Aviationtag – Win one of two Boeing 757 packages!

    Win one of these two amazing DHL Boeing 757 packages! As part of our DHL X Aviationtag promotion.  you had the chance to win an Aviationtag of the former DHL Boeing 757 with the registration D-ALEH PLUS an authentic life-vest from the cockpit of this plane. What an aviation history collectible. But hey, don’t bring …

  • DHL 1 SNEAKER featuring Aviationtag

    DHL 1 SNEAKER featuring Aviationtag

    As the popular saying goes, “Do good and talk about it” – we did something good, but weren’t allowed to talk about it, which was definitely not easy for us! But first things first: To celebrate DHL’s 50th anniversary, mybudapester.com, a designer brand retailer, and the logistics provider DHL, launched their own sneaker in early …

  • DHL X Aviationtag

    DHL celebrates its 50th Anniversary with Aviationtag

    Aviationtag marks 50 years of DHL by crafting a limited Aviationtag edition from one of the logistics provider’s retired cargo aircraft. When it was founded in 1969, DHL revolutionised the traditional delivery industry with a new and innovative service. Its simplified processes meant that from then on, documents could also be delivered overnight by air. …

  • Lufthansa Upcycling Collection Aviationtag

    Lufthansa Upcycling Collection takes off with Aviationtag

    Lufthansa WorldShop has upcycled a retired Airbus A340-600 D-AIHO into limited-edition lifestyle and design products. On board the first Lufthansa Upcycling Collection: 35,000 Aviationtags by bordbar.                        It took almost 10 weeks for the Lufthansa Airbus A340-600 D-AHIO to be dismantled to a stage where the individual parts could be further processed into an entire …

  • POCKET-SIZED Aviation history

    The company bordbar design GmbH takes apart old aircraft and gives their outer skin a new life as key or luggage tags. Aviationtags are strictly limited-edition, sport their own serial number and aircraft information – and are always unique. Every Aviationtag has performed thousands of take-offs and landings as part of an aircraft’s fuselage before …

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