Pocket-sized aircraft nostalgia

A simple idea combined with a grand vision

A piece of history from time-honoured aviation pioneers now fits on every key ring – thanks to the Aviationtag.

Aviation history – this was the passion the two friends and avid aero enthusiasts Stephan Boltz and Valentin Hartmann shared from the very start. More than ten years ago they founded bordbar design GmbH, realising their dream of transforming disused plane trolleys into functional designer furniture.

Over the years, they established a global network within the aviation industry, their passion for aviation growing unabated all the while and inspiring them to give not just plane trolleys but also decommissioned planes a second life: the idea of the Aviationtag was born – a pocket-sized piece of aircraft history.

The founders had their sights set firmly above all on planes with an illustrious history: Airbus, Boeing, Douglas or Cessna models which once flew the whole world over, saw its most hidden places and had the most adventurous stories to tell. In the world’s most famous and largest plane graveyards – including in Tucson, Arizona, and in the Mojave Desert in Death Valley, California – they finally found what they were looking for.

Shipped from overseas – rather than flown – the decommissioned planes are reinvented as Aviationtags in the bordbar manufacture in Cologne. Entire plane parts are taken apart, cut, stamped and polished here – all by hand, to change the format but not their history, making sure what were once the figureheads of the skies are treated with the respect they deserve.

Each Aviationtag gives 100% authentic plane history a new life – as your personal pocket-sized companion, ready to write a new chapter in its history …


Tobias Richter
Vice President Aviationtag

press @ aviationtag.com
+49 (0) 221 709050-0

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