The perfect promotional gift for your customers

Make a lasting impression on your customers, business partners and staff - with the perfect promotional gift: your very own Aviationtag.

Give the gift of a pocket-sized piece of aviation history. Aviationtags are tags personalized just for you. They look great on your suitcase or key chain and are guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

Welcome aboard

With our Aviationtags, you have a genuine piece of aircraft with you on your suitcase or key wherever you go.

All our Aviationtags are crafted from authentic aircraft skin - the product of a painstaking process in which a piece of aircraft history is gradually transformed into an Aviationtag.

Each Aviationtag is unique

We want to leave the tags in their original condition as much as we can and preserve their original properties, such as their colour and structure. This allows us to preserve an important part of their history.

For orders of a certain size, we can change the laser engraving on the front and back for you or personalize the packaging.

The fact that each individual tag is unique and these optional personalization possibilities make each Aviationtag a very special one-of-a-kind piece.

Our satisfied customers include:

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