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  • El Al Boeing 747 Aviationtag Edition 4X-ELA

    Shalom El Al!

     In April 1994, the Boeing 747-400 with Manufacturer Serial Number (MSN) 26055 was delivered to the Israeli airline El Al Israel Airlines. Sporting registration 4X-ELA and christened “Tel Aviv-Jaffa”, the plane was to fly to London, Paris, New York and Bangkok, to name just a few destinations, for over 26 years. In 1994, El Al …

  • Aviationtag Olympic Airways Boeing 747 SX-OAD Edition

    The Olympic Flame of Aviationtag!

    The passenger plane Boeing 747-200 sporting registration 9V-SQI left the factory doors in August 1979 headed for Singapore Airlines, one of the world’s most successful airlines.The aircraft was to fly for the Asian airline for less than six years, heading for Tokyo, Hong Kong and London, to name just a few. In April 1985, the …

  • Boeing 747 G-CIVE Aviationtag Edition

    Welcome to Aviationtag, “Victor Echo”!

    The latest milestone in the Aviationtag fleet is “Victor Echo”. The Boeing 747-400 with the registration G-CIVE and manufacturer serial number MSN 27350 was built by the successful US company The Boeing Company, taking to the skies for the first time on 9 December 1994. Barely two weeks later, on 20 December 1994, it was …

  • Aviationtag G-VAST Virgin Atlantic Ladybird Edition

    The G-VAST “Ladybird” Story

    A vast Labybird. “Ladybird” started its career at Virgin Atlantic Airways in June 1997 and served the British airline faithfully for 23 years. The Boeing 747-400 with the MSN 28757 and registration G-VAST flew long-haul flights for the 4-star airline (certificate: Skytrax) including to Las Vegas, Orlando, Cancun and Hong Kong. In 2010, the airline …

  • KLM Boeing 747-400M PH-BFF Aviationtag

    Best Friends Forever!

    You loved the former KLM Boeing 747 PH-BFR – and so did we. So we thought, why not add another one that might just become your BFF? Hartelijk welkom PH-BFF! The former Boeing 747-400M rolled off the production line in 1990 in Everett with the manufacturer serial number (MSN) 24202 and line number 770, with …

  • Cathay Pacific Boeing 747 B-HUJ Aviationtag

    “Uniform Juliett” – a very special Boeing

                The B-HUJ was the last Boeing 747 retired by Cathay Pacific in 2016. Now it is embarking on a new journey into the hands of fans and collectors as 12,000 limited-edition Aviationtags®.             Affectionately nicknamed “Uniform Juliett” by the staff at Cathay Pacific, on 23 May 1995 it was the last Boeing 747-400 to …

  • Production process of our Aviationtags from the former KLM Boeing 747 PH-BFR

    The making of “the making of” Video

    Behind the Scenes… A little while ago, we released our “Aviationtag – The Making Of” video, which you can of course find in our YouTube channel. Today we would like to share some exclusive pictures from behind the scenes with you, so you can see how the video was done. Enjoy! On Day 1 of …

  • Interview with Boeing 747 Pilot Eva Claire Marseille

    Today we have the great pleasure to continue our pilot interview series and have asked Eva Claire Marseille, pilot on the Boeing 747-8 and the Boeing 747-400ERF in Hong Kong, a number of questions. Hope you will enjoy it as much as we did. Tell us a bit about yourself… My name is Eva, I …

  • “How I met the PH-BFR” – by Captain Eric Akker

    The PH-BFR (Rio de Janeiro) was a B747-400M (Mixed, also called “combi”). It could carry both passengers and freight on the maindeck. In 1994 I was co-pilot and assistant-technical pilot and member of the KLM acceptance team. On January 11th 1994 we made the first so-called C (Customer-) 1 flight with the BFR. A testflight, …

  • Hartelijk welkom PH-BFR!

    Welcome (to) “Rio de Janeiro”! Another airline just joined the Aviationtag fleet and we will give you some interesting background information about the former KLM Boeing 747 today. This airplane is actually a Boeing 747-400 M, so a passenger/cargo or “Combi” variant to be precise. This specific aircraft type first flew on June 30, 1989 …

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