Germanwings Airbus A320 Aviationtag Edition D-AIPW

Aviationtag X Germanwings!

Aviationtag has done it again - successfully concluding an exclusive cooperation with another airline. We couldn’t be prouder to be bringing the Airbus A320-200 with registration D-AIPW to you as an Aviationtag and to tell you a little bit more about the plane.

The Airbus A320-200 sporting registration D-AIPW and manufacturer serial number (MSN) 137 left the factory doors for Lufthansa in December 1990, which christened it “Schwerin”. Germany’s largest airline has been naming its aircraft after German cities and federal states since the 1960s. This form of patronage has a long tradition at Lufthansa - 1960 marking the first time a Lufthansa plane was christened. For Lufthansa, the idea was to show that, above and beyond the major hubs and locations, its special ties to Germany as a home base also extend into the regions that are home to the majority of Lufthansa passengers and employees.

D-AIPW in Lufthansa livery

More than 50 years on, though, the flight network has expanded considerably. Increasing passenger flows from all over the world now constitute a central Lufthansa trademark: internationality. That is why the Airbus A380s also bear the names of international metropolises, including Beijing, Zurich or Johannesburg.

Equipped with 156 seats, our “Schwerin” served European destinations like Palma, London and Porto. In April 2015, the low-cost carrier Germanwings took ownership of the Airbus, increasing its passenger capacity to 174 seats. Germanwings, founded in 1996 under the name Eurowings Flug GmbH as a wholly owned subsidiary of Eurowings Luftverkehrs AG and renamed Germanwings GmbH in 2002, began flight operations in 2002 and was fully acquired by Lufthansa in 2011. From 25 October 2015, Germanwings was no longer an independent airline.

In Germanwings Livery

On 8 July 2019, the Airbus A320-200 D-AIPW was retired and parked in Bruges awaiting recycling. A little less than a year later, Lufthansa then announced the sad news that Germanwings would be permanently ceasing flight operations.

We are happy to welcome the carrier to our Aviationtags family as an exclusive license partner, especially given the fact that it ceased operations in 2020 already.

Get yours now!

Germanwings Airbus A320 Aviationtag Edition D-AIPW

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