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Interview with Sam Chui

Today we are interviewing one of the most known and respected aviation bloggers/vloggers, Sam Chui. 
Sam Chui
Thanks for your time, Sam. How did your passion for aviation start?

It started when I was young boy in Hong Kong, watching countless B747 banking for landing at Kai Tak Airport. It accelerated when I first flew a Boeing 747 of United airlines in 1993.

Did you take plane spotting photos from the very beginning or did that come at a later stage?

At first when I was a kid, I often went to the airport to watch planes. I started photographing planes when I turned 17 with my first camera; a Canon EOS Rebel. I was making prints and slides before digital camera age.

Do you still have a day-to-day job besides being an aviation blogger?

I have the problem that my work misaligned with my passion. It was very hard to travel while working full time so I quit my day job in 2018 after working in the banking and investment industry for 13 years. I realized I needed to fully pursue my passion; Aviation.Since then I have never looked back.

Do you know how many flights you have been taking in your life still?

I have taken over 2,000 flights, flown over 3.8 million miles across 215 airlines.

What was your most special flight?

Every flight is special for me. I still get very excited boarding every single flight. But I’d say the Supersonic Concorde flight I took in April 2003 is top the list. I flew at 58,000 ft and travelled at double speed of sound from NY to London in just 3 hours 18 minutes.

And your favorite photo that you took yourself?

My favourite photos are the ones that tell a story, such as these ones or the ones at the bottom of the page:

Do airlines get in touch with you to review their services or how does that work in a nutshell?

I often seek permission with airlines to film onboard the flights. This way you can expand your content and get more access to see behind the scenes. Of course, once your work is recognized, some airlines will invite me to events such as delivery flight, special launch events and even cargo flights.

What was your goal when you created your vlog/blog and what do you still want to achieve?

To share my personal experience to other likeminded Aviator and travelers. I also aim to be the “go to” person when it come to aviation content whether is video, photos, news or opinions.


You have flown so many of them but what is your favorite airline and aircraft?

I often get asked this question and my preferred airline changes from time to time, depending on their service and products. I’d say Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Qantas are my Top 3 at the moment. ANA, EVA Air, Qatar Airways and Etihad are not far behind. My favourite aircraft is B747 which I have had the pleasure of flying her over 350 times!

What are the most important 5 items that you always bring along on your travels?

My Cameras, Chargers, Macbook, flip flops and a first aid bag

Covid19 has hit the airline industry massively – what is your outlook on the future of aviation?

I remain optimistic on the future of aviation. It is a cyclical industry and I think we will rebound quickly once the pandemic is over.

How did the Covid19 crisis affect you personally?

All my travel plans have been halted. I suddenly have a lot of time on the ground. I opted for flight training to become a pilot to learn a new skillset during this time. I have so far done my solo flight and will return to US for further pilot training.

I also used the time to finish my 4th book, Air747 which is now available. (LINK)

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