Our DC9 at the aircraft boneyard in the Mojave desert

Welcome to the first post in our (b)logbook!

"A pilot logbook is a record of a pilot's flying hours. It contains every flight a pilot has flown, including flight time, number of landings, and types of instrument approaches made. Pilots also log simulator time, as it counts towards training." - this is how Wikipedia defines a pilot logbook. We at Aviationtag do things a bit differently and that is why we created this new page for you and hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we do writing it. But what will it all be about? Is it just meant for pilots, flight attendants or planespotters? No! The logbook will be a mashup of topics but obviously focus on aircrafts, airlines, airport and Aviationtags of course. On this page we will announce important news features as well as background stories about the aircrafts that are being transformed into our Aviationtags. We will grant you an exclusive look behind-the-scenes of aircraft boneyards around the globe so that you can feel like a VIP with backstage access.

Our DC-9 at the aircraft boneyard in the Mojave desert
"Our" DC-9 at the aircraft boneyard in the Mojave desert

But we have also gathered your "frequently asked questions" and will blog about the answers and all the things you ever wanted to know about the Aviationtags and how we manufacture them for you. Communication is never a one-way street and so we are hoping that you share you comments, remarks and questions with us here. Talking about sharing: Have you shared this link with your friends yet? Down there you can find a couple of icons that should make it rather easy to do so. Please don't expect daily posts, we are just a small team with big ambitions, but our plan is to do a couple of posts per month. Check-in every once in a while or follow our activities in social media, where we also inform you about new posts here. Yours truly, Aviationtag Team

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