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The former Boeing 737-700 sporting registration N169AT took to the skies for the first time in October 2004 with the US airline AirTran Airways. The aircraft with the manufacturer's serial number (MSN) 32744 and line number 1584 flew domestic flights in the US for ten years, with space for 137 passengers - twelve seats in business class and 125 in economy class.

AirTran Airways was founded in 1992 as ValuJet. After five years in business, the airline had developed such a bad image, though, that its parent company, Airways Corp, decided to go ahead and buy ValuJet outright, running it as AirTran from then on.

In spite of success over the years, AirTran's last independent flight ran at the end of 2014 and the airline was fully integrated into the low-cost pioneer Southwest Airlines.

So our Boeing 737-700 moved from Atlanta to Dallas along with the entire fleet and took to the skies under the registration N7705A from then on. A typical low-cost carrier, Southwest changed the configuration to a single-class cabin with 143 economy class seats, gaining an extra six seats in the process.

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Aviationtag N7705A
N7705A in the air

With 729 Boeing aircraft to its name, Southwest Airline owns the world's largest Boeing 737 fleet (figures from January 2021) - including 477 of the 737-700 type.

Our N7705A flew for a total of 16 years sporting the colours blue, red, orange and the yellow "SOUTHWEST" lettering.

On 16 January 2020, the plane took to the skies for the last time, landing at Pinal Airpark with a five-minute delay. At the "aircraft graveyard", which can only be approached in compliance with visual flight rules, it was later dismantled into its individual parts and prepared for its new mission as an Aviationtag.

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Aviationtag N7705A
After our cuts.

We are proud to welcome the first Boeing 737-700 to the Aviationtag family, the N7705A!

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