The former Airbus A340 A7-AGB

Voted the world’s best airline in the Skytrax Ranking 2019, Qatar Airways is now also part of the Aviationtag fleet with its former Airbus A340-600 registered as A7-AGB. The A340 was built by Airbus in 2006 with the MSN 715 and test registration F-WWCR before being delivered to Doha. Qatar Airways christened the plane “Ras Dukhan”. Dukhan is a city in the west of Qatar, one of the most famous oil production locations in the emirate, as this was where the first oil was discovered.


The original configuration of the A7-AGB was 8 first class seats, 42 business class seats and 216 in economy class. In 2015, though, in response to aviation trends at the time, they opted to forgo first class and switched the configuration to 24 business and 348 economy class seats.

The A340-600 was equipped with 4 x Rolls Royce Trent 556-61 engines.

Just 13 years after entering into operation, Qatar Airways’A7-AGB was retired in May 2019 and transferred from Doha to Enschede in the Netherlands, where it was recycled and parts of the outer skin were upcycled into our Aviationtags. The final flight landed at 20h30 in Enschede and you can watch a video of its final landing in Enschede by clicking on the frame below:

As you can tell, the logo and fin tail of the Airbus A340 were already overpainted when it left Doha, so there was no chance for us to capture parts of the purple or panels with two colors.

The number of airworthy four-engine wide-body aircraft still out there worldwide is now decreasing slowly but surely, but once again, thanks to the A7-AGB Aviationtag edition, a piece of quad wide-body aviation history has been preserved.

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