KLM Boeing 747-400M PH-BFF Aviationtag

Best Friends Forever!

You loved the former KLM Boeing 747 PH-BFR - and so did we. So we thought, why not add another one that might just become your BFF?

Hartelijk welkom PH-BFF! The former Boeing 747-400M rolled off the production line in 1990 in Everett with the manufacturer serial number (MSN) 24202 and line number 770, with KLM christening it “City of Freetown”.

KLM Boeing 747-400M PH-BFF Aviationtag

The "City of Freetown" is a Boeing 747-400M (mixed), also known as a 747-400 Combi, a combined passenger and freight version. This type took to the skies for the first time in June 1989 and began its service for KLM on 12 September 1989. The -400M has a large cargo door on the left of the rear fuselage. A total of 61 planes of this particular model were built, the last one being delivered to KLM on 10 April 2002.

The additional cargo space meant that the PH-BFF had “just” 35 business class seats, as well as 36 premium economy class and 197 economy class seats. It was powered by 4 GE engines.


After 27 years of loyal service for the Sky Team member, the PH-BFF was retired in 2017 and finally recycled in 2018 in Enschede / Netherlands. We are thrilled to have saved another special piece of Dutch aviation history for posterity as our Aviationtags, as KLM will also be parting with its last “Queens of the Skies” this year.

KLM Boeing 747-400M PH-BFF Aviationtag
After arrival

The Boeing 747-400Ms made a brief comeback as a result of the corona crisis and the increased demand for freight capacity in the airfreight sector but are also due to be retired once the winter flight schedule kicks in. KLM took delivery of its first 747 in 1971, so the jumbo era of the Dutch airline lasted almost half a century.

The Aviationtag Boeing 747-400M PH-BFF edition and you - best friends forever!

Watch these videos for some further background information. The PH-BFF is also starring in our "Making of" video besides the PH-BFR:

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