The Legacy of D-ABKA: From Takeoff to Aviationtag

The Legacy of D-ABKA: From Takeoff to Aviationtag

In the world of aviation, there's a treasure trove of stories, and one aircraft with a captivating tale is the D-ABKA, a Boeing 737-800 NG. This blog post will take you through its remarkable history, from its inaugural flight to its transformation into an exclusive Aviationtag edition.

D-ABKA's journey commenced in March 1999, when it was first delivered and took to the skies as TC-APG under Pegasus Airlines.

Its versatile service history included stints with Air Algérie and Myanmar Airways International. Flying under various airlines, it left an indelible mark on the aviation world.

In April 2007, D-ABKA found a new home with Air Berlin. The aircraft wore the Air Berlin livery with pride until it was stored in February 2016. The aircraft, however, wouldn't rest for long.

August 17, 2016, marked the next chapter for D-ABKA as it was reintroduced, this time as part of the TUI fly fleet. It flew under the TUI fly banner until its final flight in 2020. With its retirement, D-ABKA's active passenger-carrying days came to a close

Aviationtag Boeing 737 D-ABKA Edition

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August 17, 2016, marked the next chapter for D-ABKA as it was reintroduced, this time as part of the TUI fly fleet. It flew under the TUI fly banner until its final flight in 2020. With its retirement, D-ABKA's active passenger-carrying days came to a close.

D-ABKA's story didn't end with retirement. Today, this Boeing 737-800 NG lives on as a unique Aviationtag edition. Our latest release features D-ABKA in the distinctive TUI fly colors, honoring its years of dedicated service. Through expert craftsmanship, we've transformed a piece of its skin into a collector's item, preserving its legacy in a novel form.

Aviationtag Boeing 737 D-ABKA Edition

TUI Airlines: A Skyward Journey

From the remarkable history of the D-ABKA to the incredible journey of TUI fly, our narrative connects the dots in the world of aviation.

In the dynamic world of aviation, TUI Airlines stands as a prominent entity, overseeing several well-known carriers under its expansive wings. The history and evolution of this airline conglomerate provide a captivating narrative of transformation and adaptation.

TUI Airlines, originally operating under the collective brand 'TUI fly,' witnessed
a significant restructuring in January 2007. The merger of TUI subsidiaries, Hapag-Lloyd Flug (Hapagfly) and Hapag-Lloyd Express (HLX), birthed a new airline under the banner 'TUI fly.' However, in the years that followed, TUI went on to redefine its airline group, hence coining the term 'TUI Airlines' as the collective moniker for its subsidiaries.

TUI Airlines boasts an impressive portfolio of airline brands, extending its influence across Europe. These include TUI Airways in the UK, TUI fly Deutschland in Germany, TUI fly Belgium in Belgium, TUI fly Nederland in the Netherlands, and TUI fly Nordic in Sweden. The strategy to focus on the broader term 'TUI Airlines' allowed each brand to maintain its unique identity while capitalizing on the strength of the collective.

TUI fly Deutschland, formerly known as TUI fly, is a German leisure airline that has been an integral part of TUI Group's airline unit since its inception. Its rich history dates back to 1972 when it commenced operations as Hapag-Lloyd Flug. Over the years, the airline underwent several rebranding phases, with the most recent being the change to 'TUI fly Deutschland.'

Over its illustrious history, TUI fly Deutschland has faced various challenges and transformations. It witnessed fluctuations in load factors, the closure of certain bases, and even explored merger prospects with other airlines. Notably, the airline's partnership with Air Berlin and its subsequent change in route operations marked a pivotal moment in its history.

In December 2013, TUI fly Deutschland adopted a new blue livery, a departure from its signature yellow. It continued to adapt to the changing market landscape by relocating its operations to more strategic airports.

In more recent times, TUI fly Deutschland explored the potential merger with Air Berlin and Etihad Airways to create a new holding company for leisure operations. However, these plans eventually fell through, leading to new challenges and opportunities for the airline. Notably, it has orders for Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, marking a commitment to modernizing its fleet. The airline also contemplated expanding its offerings to long-haul destinations.

In response to evolving market conditions, the airline undertook a strategic downsizing in operations. This involved reducing its fleet size and terminating certain services. The COVID-19 pandemic's impact led to significant adjustments in the airline's trajectory.

TUI fly Deutschland's operations encompass both charter and scheduled flights. The airline serves a wide range of destinations primarily around the Mediterranean.

As we wrap up this journey through TUI fly's history, remember that its legacy lives on in the Aviationtag D-ABKA edition. This unique piece allows aviation enthusiasts to connect with the airline's past and celebrate its enduring

Aviationtag Boeing 737 D-ABKA Edition

Did you like this little excursion into the history of D-ABKA and TUI fly? Tell us in the comments below.

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    • Simon

      I flew with Tui a couple of times, but never with this specific aircraft (as far as I can remember). But it´s great to see that this beauty´s history isn´tover yet since it lives on as an Aviationtag! Lovely edition:)

    • Mike

      My three D-ABKA tags just arrived to the Crystal Coast of Carolina this morning…they really pop! Have never flown on TUI but their blue with red lettering livery is one of my favorites. Would love to see a light blue/red bicolor. Thanks for the blog/history…thoroughly enjoyed the read.

    • Emmanouil

      A 737 always have a nice history behind.. Thank you very much for the piece of history that we can have the opportunity to own..

    • Philipp

      Never flew on D-ABKA but finally love to see an Aviationtag edition made of a Boeing 737 that carried thousands of holidaymakers between Germany and the popular Mediterranean resorts. The different blue tags look both vibrant and stylish. Thanks for this one!

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