Aviationtag Ambassador Hannah from Australia

Introducing Aviationtag Ambassador Hannah

Aviationtag Ambassadors - Part II

The Aviationtag Ambassador Program is an exclusive community of passionate aircraft enthusiasts and collectors who share their love for aviation. As an Aviationtag Ambassador, you receive special benefits such as exclusive discounts, early access to new products, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals.

In our second part, we'd like to introduce you to Hannah from Australia. The 22-year-old aviation student is also an aspiring pilot and, of course, a dedicated Aviationtag fan. But read on to learn more:

Welcome, Hannah! What do you for a living and in your spare time?

I’m a full time aviation student who’s in her 3rd year of studies with Central Queensland University, so I spend a lot of my time either studying or flying. I’ve got my Private Pilot’s License with endorsements on retractable undercarriage and fixed pitch propellers. I’m also currently working towards my Commercial Pilot’s License as well as looking to also do my multi engine and instrument rating in the very near future. At the moment I am flying the C172 as well as the C172RG Cutlass. Every pilot has to start somewhere!

Is there a particular reason why you are interested in aviation and aircrafts?

I’ve always been interested in machinery and wanting to know how things worked. Not only that, any critter with wings. So I became interested in aviation at the age of 4, and ever since then I’ve wanted to be involved with nothing else.

What is your favorite aircraft type and airline – and why?

I have a thing for big aircraft like the 747 and A380, the bigger the plane the more there is to love. In terms of airlines, probably Emirates as they have the largest fleet of A380s as well as the airline itself being excellent to travel with. I also really like Qantas as I was with one of their subsidaries working as a baggage handler and they really do look after you. It is my goal after I finish my training and gained the necessary hours to fly for them as a first officer and eventually a captain.

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Do you travel a lot?

I wish I could travel internationally more, but I do a lot of flying training and fly to some beautiful and interesting places during navigation/cross country flight.

How many Aviationtags do you own?

Only two, but I’m keen to collect even more! And I just got the Emirates Airbus A380 Aircraft Skin Tag from Aviationtag as well.

How did it all start with collecting Aviationtags?

I thought it was a great idea to collect something aviation related that aren’t necessarily aircraft models. Not to mention it’s a great way to repurpose old planes that are destined for the scrap heap.

Do you collect any other airline memorabilia?

I love collecting aircraft models, especially those that have distinctive liveries or are hard to find. I also have a few things like posters, pins and clothing from Qantas, either as gifts or from when I was with the company.

What is your favorite Aviationtag and why?

I like those from the 747 and A380, as I mentioned before, they are from my favourite aircraft. Hopefully sometime in the future I’ll be flying the big jets.

What does your dream Aviationtag look like?

My dream Aviationtag is probably one that used to be part of an aircraft with a rare and distincive livery, or one that’s from a rare aircraft.

Any particular flight that you remember?

When I was flying to New Zealand back in December of 2015, I was wearing a dress with a silhouette of a plane on the shoulder. A flight attendant noticed and asked me if I wanted to visit the cockpit after we landed. This was also my very first flight on a dreamliner, so I was very excited. Also, while flying to Europe in 2019, I was invited into the flight deck of the A380 that had flown me to Dubai on a stopover. Even though I’m 22, I’m just like a little kid when I get the chance to visit flightt decks.

In your "application" to the Ambassador program you mentioned that you would "be honoured as well as share plenty of aviation fun facts!". So now is your time to shine with some fun facts!

- One GE90 engine, the powerhouse of the Boeing 777 produces more than twice the thrust of Titanic’s four steam engines at full power.

- The Supermarine Spitfire, an iconic WW2 era fighter plane was originally going to be named 'The Shrew’. It was instead named after the designer’s daughter, whom he called ‘his little spitfire’.

- From December 1958 to February 1959, a Cessna C172 remained airborne for a near continuous 65 days, all without landing. The record still remains unbroken.

- First flown in 1955, the C172 has gone on to become the most manufactured aircraft of all time with over 44,000 airframes built and is still in production.

- The A380 only has thrust reversers on engines two and three (closest to the fuselage) to avoid debris ingestion due to the great wingspan.

- During testing, a Mk11 Spitfire achieved the fastest speed ever recorded in a piston engine aircraft, it reached a true airspeed of 998km/h (M0.92).

Now we know why your friends and family call you the ‘walking encyclopaedia on planes’! Thanks for your time, Hannah!

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    • Jorian

      Cool to see some fellow collectors in my age range, interesting blog!

    • David

      Good luck with the training. And what's not to love about A380s and B747s?

    • Javi

      Good to read more about you and pretty interesting info you shared here! Another interesting fact about Cessna is that the manufacturer is based in USA, and when they need to delivery the airplanes to outside the land, they disassemble the interior to install extra fuel tanks to, for example, give extra authonomy to cross the atlantic. Cessnas are made different without any doubt!

    • Alberto

      Excellent interview! Good luck Hannah in your future career as a professional pilot! Hopefully you can fly some of the big planes you love!

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