Easyjet Airbus A319 G-EZII Aviationtag Edition

The easy G-EZII Story

The Airbus 319-100 sporting registration G-EZII and manufacturer serial number (MSN) 2471 left the factory doors for easyJet, Europe's second largest low-cost airline, in May 2005. The British airline was founded on 18 October 1995 by Stelios Haji-Ioannou and currently also has the subsidiaries easyJet Switzerland, based in Meyrin, Switzerland, and easyJet Europe, based in Vienna.

G-EZII in the old easyJet livery

Our G-EZII - christened “Spirit of easyJet 2018, Team Tegel” - served destinations like Copenhagen, Munich and Basel with a total of 156 seats on board. With its 15 years of service, the plane is older than the average age of the 61 Airbus 319-100 models, which is 13.5 years (as of July 2021).

New and final livery design

In 2021 easyJet downsized its entire fleet and 23 planes were returned to their lessors, including our G-EZII, which had already been out of service since March 2020. From 3.8.2020 it was parked at Lasham and then moved to St Athan on 24.09.2020.

G-EZII in teardown

In March, the Airbus 319-100 received the new registration 2-GGEZ from F-9 Flyco and then was disassembled before making its way to us in Cologne.

We are thrilled to now be welcoming our first easyJet plane to the Aviationtag family.

Incidentally: easyJet ranked among the top 10 safest airlines in 2021. This was the conclusion of analyses carried out for the “Aero International” aviation magazine by the Hamburg-based aviation accident analysis office Jacdec.

Easyjet Airbus A319 G-EZII Aviationtag Edition

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