DHL 1 SNEAKER featuring Aviationtag

DHL 1 SNEAKER featuring Aviationtag

As the popular saying goes, "Do good and talk about it" - we did something good, but weren’t allowed to talk about it, which was definitely not easy for us! But first things first:

To celebrate DHL's 50th anniversary,, a designer brand retailer, and the logistics provider DHL, launched their own sneaker in early September, designed by "sneaker guru" Hikmet Sugoer. The DHL 1 Sneaker, based on the cult "Sonra Proto" model, was launched as a limited edition of just 300 at a selling price of €300. Demand was so overwhelming that lots were drawn to decide who got the right to buy a pair.

But why are we talking about sneakers here, you may be wondering? Well, it’s quite simple: Aviationtag had a hand in this success story! Seeing as DHL Express is also Aviationtag’s logistics partner, we were given the opportunity to contribute to the project with a special edition of our DHL Boeing 757-200F.

Each DHL 1 Sneaker came with an Aviationtag from our small special D-ALEH edition, with a special engraving of the sneaker on the back of the tag.

The campaign made big waves across the globe - in the press and on social media, too. Vogue and Hypebeast covered the sneaker, for example, and all the different media showed the iconic yellow-red sneaker with the yellow Aviationtag on it - and we were not allowed to show it ourselves.

Also, a lot of influencers wrote about the sneaker as well, for example popular German musician Kool Savas and of course the designer himself, Hikmet Sugoer:

As the official launch date of our joint DHL and Aviationtag edition of the D-ALEH was not until September 23rd, we were not allowed to share all of this with you until now unfortunately, as we would have been guilty of leaking our own new product ourselves and letting the cat out of the bag.

Now that the Aviationtag edition of the Boeing 757-200F is on the market, we can finally talk about it and take the opportunity today to share a few impressions and examples of this fantastic product.

Sneakerheads meet Aviationgeeks - what a ride. We are proud and grateful to have been part of this project and give a big round of thanks to our partners DHL, and Hikmet Sugoer!

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