bordbar designer trolleys

Did you know that Aviationtag was invented by bordbar design in Cologne?

Now you do!

bordbar - since 2006 this name has stood for the transformation of authentic airplane trolleys into timeless design objects. We were the first to come up with the idea of ​​preparing trolleys for everyday use outside of airplanes. And that's why we not only have the most experience on the market, but also demonstrate ongoing inventive talent with many new developments.


The roots of bordbar lie in the elementary passion for using old furniture in a new context. In our manufactory we work meticulously on drafts and in doing so consistently and visionary continue to develop the creative and functional demands on our products.
Come to the bordbar and take a look at the unique models and designs - the Lufthansa, American Airlines and Pan Am models in particular are certainly interesting for aviation fans.