Caribbean flair at Aviationtag!

Caribbean flair at Aviationtag!

As the cold, dreary weather typical of this time of year in Europe sets in let us whisk you away to the Caribbean with today’s newcomer:  The Boeing 737-800 from Caribbean Airlines sporting registration 9Y-KIN is now part of the Aviationtag fleet.

In November 2000, the 737 sporting Manufacturer Serial Number (MSN) 28234 was transferred to BWIA West Indies Airways, flying for the Trinidad and Tobago carrier until 2006. In 2006, BWIA ceased operations, with Trinidad & Tobago-based Caribbean Airlines taking over all flights to Caribbean and international destinations – and the 9Y-KIN too – in January 2007.

Caribbean Airlines is the national carrier of Trinidad and Tobago, headquartered in Port of Spain and based at Piarco Airport.

9Y-KIN in its previous BWIA Livery
In BWIA Livery

Caribbean Airlines was founded on 27 September 2006 and began operating on 1 January 2007. It is considered the successor to BWIA West Indies Airways, which ceased operations at the end of 2006. Caribbean Airlines took on BWIA’s entire fleet, consisting of six Boeing 737-800s (including our 9Y-KIN) and two Airbus A340-300s, its staff and also its routes. The two A340-300s were retired shortly afterwards, and since then no long-haul flights have been offered. All the more fantastic then, that a Caribbean Airlines plane has now “strayed” all the way over to Europe for Aviationtag.

Shortly afterwards, Caribbean Airlines also took over the regional airline Tobago Express, which it had previously already owned 45% of. This was then fully merged into the parent company and no longer operated its own flights. In May 2011, Caribbean Airlines took over the airline Air Jamaica, and since then the state of Jamaica has owned 16% of the shares in Caribbean Airlines.

9Y-KIN up in the air
9Y-KIN up in the air

Back to our MSN 28234: Up until January 2022, the Boeing 737 still flew for Caribbean Airlines in a two-class configuration before being retired and then scrapped in the summer. The flight to England for scrapping was probably the first and last to Europe for the 9Y-KIN. Luckily, we were able to lock in a few pieces of this fantastic plane to upcycle them into our current Aviationtag edition.

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    Not seeing any 9Y-KIN are they all sold out.

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