Our story

Aircraft nostalgia

We had a simple idea and a great vision.

Our drive to turn scrapped products into something new coupled with our passion for aircraft history, we created pieces of aircraft nostalgia in pocket size.

After months of travelling, hours of telephone calls and uncountable emails, our idea finally started taking shape – the first aircraft pieces came rolling into our workshop in big containers. With even more enthusiasm, we started to work on giving these giants of the skies a new purpose.

On the trail of aviation pioneers
We had to come up with an individual production process because we knew one thing from the outset: we wanted to create something “honest” and to change as little as possible about the historic source of the material. Except its shape. That’s why we went ahead and searched for local companies who could help us disassemble the plane material, which is no small feat! Every square meter of plane skin has more than 5.000 rivets we have to remove and we cut, punch & polish each tag individually.
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