Warum Aviationtags das perfekte Geschenk sind: 10 Gründe

Why Aviationtags Make the Perfect Gift: 10 Reasons

Why Aviationtags Make the Perfect Gift

Looking for the ideal gift for aviation enthusiasts, pilots, flight attendants, planespotters, or frequent flyers?

Today, we're explaining why Aviationtags are the perfect choice and listing 10 compelling reasons for it.

Ready for take-off?

Why Aviationtags Make the Perfect Gift: 10 Reasons

1. Authentic Made in Germany: Each Aviationtag is crafted from original aircraft materials and manufactured in Germany.

2. Handcrafted Uniqueness: Our Aviationtags are lovingly handcrafted in our Cologne workshop and are always part of limited editions.

3. Versatile Use: An Aviationtag can be a collector's item, a design keychain, a luggage tag for suitcases or bags, and is always a popular travel accessory and gift – the possibilities are diverse.

4. Extensive Selection: Choose from a wide range of airlines and airline alliances. From Lufthansa to American Airlines, Etihad to EVA Air and El Al editions – there's something for every taste.

5. Numerous Models: Our collection also includes a wide range of aircraft types catering to various tastes and preferences. From small aircraft like the Cessna 150 to elegant business jets like the Bombardier Challenger 604. From the impressive military helicopter MBB Bo-105 to the sophisticated reconnaissance aircraft of the Royal Air Force. From compact Airbus A319s to majestic Boeing 747s.

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Aviationtag Air France A380 F-HPJF Editon White
Airbus A380 - F-HPJF
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Aviationtag Air France A380 F-HPJF Editon Blue
Airbus A380 - F-HPJF
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Aviationtag ATR 72-500 VT-JCM Jet Airways Edition Darkblue
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Aviationtag ATR 72-500 VT-JCM Jet Airways Edition Lightblue
29,95 €

6. Unique Story: Primarily, the aircraft's story lives on as an Aviationtag in your hands. However, all relevant information about the aircraft can also be found on the packaging and our website.

7. Environmental Awareness: Through upcycling materials that would otherwise end up in the junkyard, we actively contribute to environmental relief and achieve high recycling and upcycling rates for aircraft – sometimes even exceeding 90%.

8. Distinctive Gift: Aviationtags are original and a gift not everyone possesses. They fit perfectly for birthdays, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, and other occasions.

9. Lost & Found: Our free Lost & Found service helps reunite lost and registered Aviationtags with their owners – often with entire keychains or luggage attached. The serial number allows for tracking.

10. Eternal Memory: An Aviationtag is more than just a gift. It's a reminder of the fascination of aviation, the history of an aircraft, and the love of flying. A gift that connects.

More than "just" history

However, Aviationtags are more than just pieces of aviation history – they are versatile accessories that serve various purposes. Attach them to your luggage as individual luggage tags to stylishly set your bags apart from the crowd. Are you looking for unique gifts for aviation enthusiasts? Aviationtags are perfect gifts that offer a tangible piece of aviation history for your pocket. Use them as backpack pendants to add a touch of aviation to your jungle adventure or as designer bag pendants for that 5-star resort in the Maldives. Either way, they are unique travel accessories that infuse your adventures with a hint of aviation nostalgia while being functional and stylish.

Discover the world of Aviationtags and give someone (or yourself) a gift that goes beyond the horizon.

Why Aviationtags Make the Perfect Gift: 10 Reasons

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We now offer gift certificates! Whether it's a last-minute gift idea or just to brighten someone's day, our gift certificate allows anyone to choose their favorite Aviationtags. And the best part: the gift certificate is digital and will be sent directly via email. So, what are you waiting for? Surprise your friends and family with an Aviationtag gift certificate.

The perfect gift for men who seem to have everything

Aviationtags aren’t just unique gifts for aviation enthusiasts, they’re a perfect choice for men who seem to have everything. Each tag tells a story, connecting a piece of aviation history to daily life. They represent individuality and style, appreciated by men looking for something exceptional. Even for those who seem to have it all, Aviationtags are unparalleled keepsakes – collectibles from authentic airplanes proudly displayed, evoking pride and admiration. The tags make a statement, offering a part of aviation history as a unique, treasured gift.


  • Lars

    It is always very exciting to wait for a new release. The joy is then always extremly high when it is a plane I have flown with or worked on.

  • Alberto

    Well, my first Aviationtag was a birthday present from my mother-in-law, the Iberia A320, a few years ago. Since then I have started collecting and although I do not have a very large collection I am proud of all the unique pieces that compose it. It’s wonderful to be able to have so much aviation history in your own living room or in your pocket!

  • David

    I enjoy putting Aviationtags on my rucksack, although I have to admit that the resulting "Aviationtag jangle" tends to annoy the people I'm with at the time…🙃

  • Jorian

    Really the perfect gift for any aviation fan (or for yourself)! ;)

  • Paul

    Just one of these reasons would be enough to buy more and more aviationtags – if your are obsessed with aviation or even one specific plane – aviationtag got you… Always the best feeling waiting for an tag to arrive, to open it up and just see the beauty of your very own piece! Just exciting to see wether there are some scratches or even some interesting touch of color on the tag…
    If you are buying aviationtag, you are not just buying a piece of a plane (which would already be veeeery nice) you are buying an experience! Love the work you do guys…

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