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Shipping & Payment

Our Aviationtags

are immediately ready for dispatch from stock. The delivery time depends on the shipping method you have chosen: With First Class Shipping (DHL Express) you will normally receive your order in Germany on the next working day. Internationally it takes up to 3 days.

If you have chosen Economy Class shipping (Deutsche Post), delivery in Germany takes up to 5 days, in Europe up to 2 weeks and worldwide up to 6 weeks.

First class shipping with DHL Express is of course much faster and also offers online tracking – almost in real time. In addition, you can use the additional On Demand Delivery Service (e.g. change of delivery location or delivery time) free of charge.

The delivery time of Economy Class Shipping takes much longer and cannot be tracked in as much detail, but it is a bit cheaper.

We ship First Class with DHL Express and Economy Class with Deutsche Post.

Whether South Seas Island, North Pool or Fanafuti, as long as the postman you trust knows your address, we will send it to you Aviationtag to where you want.

Your personal piece of aviation history, shipping and, if applicable, German VAT. Please note that for orders from outside the EU, your home country may levy duties and taxes. This is beyond our control and has nothing to do with us or ours Aviationtags

to do. If you have any doubts, please first find out about any import duties in your home country.

Payment via PayPal Plus (PayPal, credit card, direct debit, invoice, purchase on account)


Glad you asked!
Yes exactly, every day in its first life was a real airplane.
It has traveled the world for many years and seen countless corners of this earth before it came to yours Aviationtag became.
The drawing and identifier on the front of the tag tell you which aircraft your tag came from. 

Mostly parts from the fuselage are used, but wings and empennage are also used for their new life as yours Aviationtag.

We punch ours Aviationtags

from the skin of an airplane. This consists of aircraft aluminum, a special alloy of aluminum, magnesium and other metals.


No, that's why each is Aviationtag also unique. Depending on the plane, they differ in their feel, thickness of material and color. The shape of each tag is identical, the rest is 100% lived flight history.

No, and that's a good thing. After all, each tag is unique and different from the next. Depending on which part of the plane we punch your tag from, the color distribution on the front will also differ. We cannot guarantee a specific color distribution or proportion of color. The only definition of a multicolored Aviationtags

is the following: The colors mentioned must be included – in whatever ratio.

Each tag is 35mm wide, 88mm long and between 0.5 - 3mm thick depending on the aircraft.

After the plane has traveled around the world, we prepare the plane parts in Cologne for your day. That means we punch, engrave and pack them Aviationtags

with us here on site. So everything Made in Cologne.

We think your curiosity is great! That's why we engraved the aircraft type and its identification on the front. Not only because we think it looks damn cool, but also because you can find out more about the history of the plane and yours based on the data on the internet Aviationtags

can experience.

Everything you see on the tag is engraved with a laser. We leave the color, texture and material in their original condition.

Lost & Found

Even the best can lose something. It is precisely for this case that we have set up our Lost & Found Service. With the unique combination of serial number, aircraft type and honest finder, your tag can be reported to us. We will then try our best to bring your belongings back home.

Further questions

A Aviationtag with your favorite number is a great idea, at least in theory. In practice, unfortunately, it looks like this idea is no longer that great for logistical reasons and unfortunately not feasible for us either.

We would really like to have a wider range of colors in our tags. But getting planes is incredibly difficult - in all different colors it's 100 times harder. We'll try to be able to offer you more colors soon, but we can't tell you if and when yours will be included. Keep checking back or sign up for our newsletter.

We don't have a runway yet, but you're welcome to visit us.

Sure it works! At least if you want to know whether the delivery and billing address can be different.
But you won't get the tag nicely packaged from us. Not because we don't want to, but simply because we really can't wrap presents nicely.