Upcycling with Aviationtag: A Partnership That Pays Off

Aviationtag is an experienced partner in the field of upcycling and has worked with numerous renowned airlines such as Lufthansa, American Airlines, Etihad, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, and many more. Our references speak for themselves, showcasing the quality of our work. As an airline, you're not just looking for an upcycling partner; you're seeking a reliable expert who will guide you from material sourcing to distribution.

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Sustainability & Upcycling

In an era of growing environmental consciousness, sustainability has taken on increasing significance. With our support, airlines can achieve upcycling and recycling rates of over 90% for retired aircraft. This isn't just a remarkable contribution to reducing the ecological footprint; it also underscores the airlines' commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. Through a partnership with Aviationtag, airlines can demonstrate their responsibility to the environment and society.

Some of our references:

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Comprehensive Solutions

We offer tailor-made solutions that perfectly align with your requirements. You have the option to choose between white-label products, where we solely act as the manufacturer, or a partnership in which we actively take on marketing and distribution. Our expertise in marketing and sales enables you to maximize the potential of your upcycling projects.

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The Power of the Aviationtag Community

As an Aviationtag partner, airlines can benefit from our strong community, boasting over 100,000 dedicated followers. Our customers aren't just interested in unique upcycled products; they also have a keen interest in your airline's history. Through a partnership with Aviationtag, you can achieve a positive image transfer and enhance your brand's visibility.

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Custom Airline Editions

The Aviationtags we produce are perfect as gifts for employees, customers, frequent flyers, or even for resale in in-flight sales. We're here to assist you in developing the optimal business model, particularly when one of your aircraft is due for recycling. With your unique airline edition, you create a lasting memento while simultaneously conveying a positive message about environmental consciousness.

Get advice now!

Explore the possibilities that a partnership with Aviationtag can offer. Contact us today to discover how we can collaboratively shape a successful cooperation.

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