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The legendary Norsaq: More than just an airplane

Embark on a unique journey with the latest edition of Aviationtag, made from the legendary Airbus A330-200 OY-GRN, affectionately called "Norsaq".

In the Greenlandic language, Norsaq refers to a throwing board or stick used to throw a harpoon, an important instrument in traditional hunting.

Norsaq ist nicht nur ein Flugzeug Banner

Norsaq isn't just an aircraft – she is a symbol of connection, experiences, and a piece of Greenlandic history, linking one of the most remote places on Earth to the rest of the world. For over two decades, she has served as the primary lifeline between Greenland and Denmark. Norsaq has done more than just transport passengers. She has connected families and opened doors to adventures.

In addition to the trips between Denmark and Greenland, she has also flown many charter trips with happy tourists to southern Europe and facilitated the participation of Greenlandic athletes in the Arctic Winter Games in Canada and the USA. Norsaq has even hosted live bands in the air, witnessed a wedding, and remained the enduring symbol of travel for generations of Greenlanders.

Norsaq amassed 41,364 flying hours and completed 10,112 take-offs and landings before finding her final resting place on March 12, 2023. Norsaq joined Air Greenland in August 2002, after flying for Belgian airline Sabena (which went bankrupt in November 2001) under the OO-SFP registration.

In this connection to Arizona, Air Greenland has decided to let Norsaq fly low over Nuuk on its way to its new and last destination. Its final flight GL930 from Copenhagen to Tucson made a unique loop over the capital of Greenland, where most of the population came out to wave the aircraft goodbye.

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In cooperation with Air Greenland, Aviationtag was involved early on in the whole process and was able to ensure that we were able to cut and preserve the most beautiful parts of the Airbus A330.

And now, as an Aviationtag, you can own a piece of that legacy – an aviation history that you can carry as a keychain or luggage tag. It's more than just a tag; it's the story of Norsaq, which will continue to travel.

*Photos by: Aviationtag, Air Greenland, Michael Madsen, Kasper Zeeb