Die Aviationtags - einzigARTig

Die Aviationtags - einzigARTig

To describe every Aviationtag as a work of art would certainly be an exaggeration. Nevertheless, we can rightly claim that every day is unique and unique. Today we would like to answer the question "why".

On the one hand, what we sell is new, but you have to keep in mind that we only use original skins from former commercial aircraft for production. Some call it "upcycling", others call it the preservation of living aircraft and airline history.

The machines we use have been in use for well over 10 years, flew several hundred thousand miles and were always exposed to the unpredictable weather of wind and weather at an altitude of 10,000m. Some even stood in the blazing sun of their airplane graveyard in the Mojave Desert for years. This naturally leads to color changes and different structures in the aircraft paint.

Aircraft skin on most machines currently consists of an aluminum-copper-magnesium alloy. This is light but stable. However, the trend is towards using more and more fiber composite materials (GRP, CFRP).

Aviation tags from the side

The thickness of the material can also vary considerably, depending on which aircraft is involved and where we obtain the material from. As a rule, the strength of the aircraft skin in the lower area and between the wings is stronger than, for example, on the upper side, where the stress is also lower.

The unique backs of the SE-DOR Aviationtag

There are also significant differences on the back. The skin of the aircraft is fastened to the frames with hundreds of rivets and some are additionally glued. If different shades of green can be seen on the back of the aviation tags, the aircraft skin was in the darker area, for example on the frame. The line in between has often been a splice. The varied back of the Boeing 737 from SAS - the SE-DOR - is a prime example of this:

Many Aviationtags in one picture

In summary, one can say that the tags may vary in colour, thickness and surface structure, but they all have one thing in common: they are unique.

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