Interview with Andre Quiros

Interview with Andre Quiros

Welcome to yet another post in our (B)logbook. Today we have had the chance to ask Andre Quiros, pilot at EVA Air, a couple of questions. Andre was one of the four pilots that flew our EVA Air Boeing 747 B-16411 to its final destination in the US where it was dismantled.

Photo shows pilot Andre onboard of the former EVA Air Boeing 747 B-16411
Andre onboard of B-16411
Andre, many thanks for your time today. What does your pilot career look like?

I started my flight training in Florida (Pelican Flight Training at KHWO airport) back in 2001, right after the tragic 9/11 attacks. After completing the licences up to Flight Instructor I stayed there working as a CFI. I came back to my country, Costa Rica and continued working as a Flight Instructor. After that I went to a local regional airline (SANSA) that operates Cessna Caravans as Captain and Instructor. After a few years there I moved to Lacsa Airlines (part of Grupo Taca, and later Avianca Airlines) as a First Officer for the Embraer 190 fleet. In 2015 the company started restructuring an stopped flying the E190 and the crews were fired. At that moment I started looking for jobs outside Costa Rica and got the interview invitation with EVA Air. Luckily I passed and started working as a First Officer on the Boeing 747 fleet, flying both the passenger and the freighter versions.

Did you always want to become a pilot?

Being a pilot was my dream job as a kid. I remember me at 10-11yrs old looking at airplanes in awe. Around that time I flew on an airliner for the first time (a Boeing 727) and was hooked. I was always interested in mechanical things, so I first went to college to get an Electromechanical Engineering degree and after working a few years I was able to go to the United States for flight training.

You have been flying “our” B-16411– any special memories of that aircraft?

Yes, I feel very attached to 411 for a couple of reasons. I had the chance to fly the 3 passenger Boeing 747s left at that time (2015), they were B-16410, B-16411 and B-16412, and curiously, my first flight and landing on a Boeing 747, after finishing my simulator training, was on B-16411. That was on a flight from Taipei to Macau, with a full load of passengers. The day was October 22nd, 2015. I also had the privilege to fly 411 on September 5th, 2017, her last flight ever, with final destination San Bernardino airport. It was a crew of 4 pilots for the direct flight from Taipei and I was lucky enough to be the First Officer on that flight for her last landing.

What was your most emotional flight?

I think that my first flight on a Boeing 747 has been my most emotional flight. This is because it was my return to flying after being let go from the previous airline and being out of a job also because I would have never imagined I would fly the iconic Boeing 747. My country is small and the only airliners we have are Airbus A320 family, so getting the chance to fly a widebody, and specially a Boeing 747 was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and for 2 other colleagues from Costa Rica that came to EVA Air with me. We were very privileged to get to fly the 747.

Photo shows Boeing 747 B-16411 taking off
B-16411 taking off
Which aircraft would you most like to fly with in the future?

Honestly, I would love to go back to the Boeing 747. Right now I'm flying a Boeing 787 (-9 and -10) and it's a great airplane, amazing engineering and very advanced but I'll trade it any day for a Boeing 747. Now that I think of it, I would love to fly the newer Boeing 747-8. I will probably have the chance to fly A321, A330 or B777 in the future but I have no preference, maybe the Boeing line but just for simplicity of training. After flying a Boeing 747 all the other airplanes just don't seem so great.

What is your absolute goal, what do you still want to achieve in your career?

I think I achieved my goal, to be able to fly airplanes around the World with a stable and safe company. Right now I have the position of Senior First Officer so I guess my next step would be to become a Captain, but that's just really a progression within my goal, not the goal itself. Many times when young pilots talk, it's all about being a Captain, but for me I enjoy flying, any airplane, any seat. Just being up there and looking and the World makes me happy and knowing that I can provide a good life for my family makes me feel complete.

What’s your favorite aircraft to fly in your free time?

I don't have an aircraft yet, but I would love to have a Cessna 206. I flew it back when I was starting my career and it's a great plane. If I had more money I would love a private Cessna Caravan. So, for now, it is just simulated airplanes for me and in that case, I love older airplanes, like the Boeing 727, DC-8 and L-1011. Oh and a military airplane would also be cool, something like a F-4 Phantom or F-14 Tomcat. Since there are no military forces in my country, that type of aviation is really rare for us to witness.

Andre, many thanks for your time! Always happy landings!
Eva Air Boeing 747 B-16411 Aviationtag Edition

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