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Rediscovering Our Aviationtag History

We've heard from many of our fans and collectors that finding information about our earliest Aviationtag releases from 2016 and beyond has been challenging. To address this, we've rescued the details from our old website and are excited to reintroduce these editions to you.

On this page, you'll find a brief overview of our early releases, meticulously compiled for your convenience.

Additionally, you'll find a comprehensive list of all releases, curated by our dedicated collector Javi. Click HERE to find the PDF. If you are missing something in the list - just comment in the comments below.

For information on all other editions, we recommend using the search function located in the top right corner of the menu.

Explore the rich history of our Aviationtags and discover the stories behind each unique piece. We're thrilled to bring these early treasures back into the spotlight for our community of enthusiasts and collectors.

Happy exploring!

Piper PA28 – D-EBRI Aviationtag
First Edition ever
Piper PA28 – D-EBRI Aviationtag

Our limited-edition Piper PA28 series, also known by its alias Archer II, took to the skies for the first time in 1976. The design of the single-engine plane immediately impressed and has been left unchanged for 20 years. With more than
35 years of flight experience, our D-EBRI is one of the first Archer II models
ever built.

It epitomises the dream of flying like no other aircraft – so it’s no surprise it is one of the most produced planes of all time.

PA28 series – crafted for all daydreamers and high-flyers ready to live the dream.

Airbus A319 - 9V-SBD Aviationtag

Our limited A319 series has been in operation for Silkair for over 13 years. On Nov. 15, 2015 the last official commercial flight with 87 passengers was Singapore-bound. Returning first to England the A319 then found its way to us in Cologne.

At our workshop the plane’s skin was transformed into a piece of aviation history for your pocket – or wherever you want to affix your tag.

A319 series – made for
globetrotters and those who want to be one.

Airbus A319 - 9V-SBD Aviationtag
Douglas DC-9 – N133NK Aviationtag
Douglas DC-9 – N133NK Aviationtag

Our limited-edition DC-9 series shares DNA with one of the 20th century’s aviation legends. The Douglas DC-9 30 was introduced onto the market in 1966 as the first American short-distance jet and went on to be a resounding success. To this very day it stands for reliability and dependability. This incredible era ended in 2014 with the last passenger flight for a major US airline.

Many years of exposure to the blistering heat of the Californian sun have changed the structure of the DC-9’s coating. So we completely removed the coating by hand to uncover the pure aluminium skin.

DC-9 30 series – crafted for all tough bird lovers

Airbus A320 – N980AP Aviationtag

Noblesse oblige – this is especially true for our limited A320 series. After Lady Di and Prince Charles christened the Airbus A320 in 1987 the aircrafts took off on their triumphant journey. Until this very day the noble jetliners have completed over 100
million flights and transported more than 10.5 billion passengers. Every 2 seconds there is an A320 somewhere in the world either landing or taking off.

In other words, while you are reading this a few of these stately planes have already embarked on their next journey around the globe.

Airbus A320 series – Made for Jetset Aristocrats

Airbus A320 – N980AP Aviationtag
Boeing 747 – D-ABVC Lufthansa Aviationtag
First collaboration with Lufthansa
Boeing 747 – D-ABVC Aviationtag

Our limited Boeing 747 Series is a very special edition. Also known as the Baden-Württemberg, this 747-400 is a vintage Lufthansa icon. The grande dame of the skies has flown for over 20 years and completed more than 100.000 fantastic flight hours. That is the time it would take to fly to the moon and back 111
times! So Lufthansa rightly celebrated its D-ABVC’s great achievement. We also want to pay tribute to the figurehead of aviation with our series.

Boeing 747 Series - made for high-flyers and aviation geeks.

Airbus A319 – N886AP Aviationtag

Our limited-edition A319 series first saw the light of day in the year 2000. In its former life it spent 15 years flying across the world as an Airbus A319-112
for China Eastern Airlines, before we brought this millennium baby over to Cologne where it was destined to go on a different kind of voyage, reborn as your Aviationtag.

A319 series – crafted for all those who feel the pull of the Orient.

Airbus A319 – N886AP Aviationtag
Airbus A310 – CA-01 Aviationtag
Airbus A310 – CA-01 Aviationtag

Our Airbus A310 series celebrated its debut over the clouds of Singapore on April, 30 1985 and was in operation for the Belgian Air Force to the last. The A310 travelled all five continents for the Belgian Government. The most important missions were the official State visits of King
Albert II and his royal family, as well as the humanitarian mission to Haiti after the devastating earthquake in January 2010.

Cessna 150 – D-ELUS Aviationtag

Our limited Cessna 150 series originates from the DNA of the most proven and reliable double-seated allround aircraft. Whole generations of pilots learned flying with this aircraft type, so it is the number one of the most successfull and popular private training and sports aircrafts. After 50 years this Cessna 150 D-ELUS gets its new purpose as your Aviationtag !

Cessna 150 Series - made for all sky conquerors.

Cessna 150 – D-ELUS Aviationtag
Swearingen SA-226 T –N103PA Aviationtag
Swearingen SA-226 T –N103PA Aviationtag

The Swearingen SA-226T series is the jetsetter in our Aviationtag series: It is crafted from the skin of the Fairchild Merlin III N103PA. Developed in 1969 by Swearingen, this plane combined many of the technologies from the business aircraft of the time and offered award-winning comfort. Around just 100 SA-226T aircraft were produced in total, making this series is a real rarity.

Swearingen SA-226T Series – crafted for those who know something special when they see it

Boeing 737 – SE-DOR Aviationtag

Our limited-edition Boeing 737 series is crafted from the skin of a Boeing bearing the proud name “Elisabeth Viking”. It celebrated its debut in the skies of the far north in May 1999 and flew for the Scandinavian Airline SAS with the registration SE-DOR until 2017. Our Boeing 737-683 is one of the world’s most produced jet airliners. Globally, there are approximately 10,000 planes in use, about 2,000 of which are in the air at any given point in time. There is a 737 landing or taking off somewhere on the planet every two seconds.

Boeing 737 “Elisabeth Viking” series – crafted for true heroes

Boeing 737 – SE-DOR Aviationtag
Boeing 747 – B-HUI Aviationtag

Our limited-edition Boeing 747-B-HUI series is crafted from the skin of a legendary Jumbo Jet, which rose to global stardom at Cathay Pacific for its spectacular arrivals at Kai Tak airport. After 22 years of service for Cathay Pacific, the four-engine aircraft completed its last official passenger flight on September 30, 2016 to Taipei. Together with the B HKT and B-HUJ, our Queen of the Skies brought the passenger service of the 747 era to a close for Cathay Pacific. It and its predecessors transported more than 160 million passengers around the entire world.

Boeing 747 series– crafted for those who change the world and think big!

Boeing 747 – B-HUI Aviationtag
Cessna 172 – D-EBLV Aviationtag
Cessna 172 – D-EBLV Aviationtag

Our limited-edition Cessna 172 series is crafted from the skin of a real Skyhawk - for many aviation enthusiasts the ultimate small aircraft. As the most produced aircraft type in the world, the Cessna 172 glided through the skies across the globe.

One of the most spectacular adventures was Matthias Rust’s flight in 1987, landing in Moscow’s famous Red Square.

Cessna 172 series – crafted for great explorers

Airbus A340 - F-GLZI Aviationtag

France is not just the winner of the World Cup, it is also our new Aviationtag champion. The F-GLZI was completed in Toulouse in 1995 with the serial number 84 and went on to fly 22 faithful years under the Tricolour for Air France. The A340-300 was based in Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and accommodated 275 passengers for the scheduled service of Air France. After circling the globe many times over, on January 19, 2018, the F-GLZI embarked on its last journey – to live on forever
as an Aviationtag.

Oh la la.

Airbus A340 - F-GLZI Aviationtag

Did we miss any editions? If so, please let us know in the comments below.

Also, did you know all of these yet? Looking forward to your feedback.

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    • WC

      The tags are amazing. I dropped one in the train, even though I call the officials 5 minutes later, my tag is no longer in my seat to be found. I'm still quite sad about that but guess people really admire those.

    • Team Aviationtag

      Well, things take time. Happy you are on board now and those who join the collective in 2028 will say “I wish I would have been around in 2024 already…” ;)

    • Team Aviationtag

      We have to thank YOU and the other fans & collectors worlwide for this amazing journey! Without all of you, we would not be where we are right now.

    • Manolis Vidiadakis

      I I have some of the first releases. It were great times, with also nobody to know about aviationtags. And just being a tag for your bag with a smart idea how somebody would return your bag back to you. After almost 10 years and so much releases, the tags have become a collective hobby with many fans! Thank you Aviationtag for this nice trip all these years..

    • Matt

      Awesome archive information. If only I knew about tags back then!

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