Shipping & Payment

Which shipping methods do you offer?

You can choose between First Class Shipping with DHL Express or Economy Class Shipping with Deutsche Post Priority. And no, currently we do not have a business class.

Which method should I chose?

If you are in a hurry and want to get your Aviationtag fast, we definitely suggest the First Class shipping. If you are on the price sensitive side, Economy Class shipping will probably your first choice.

What is the different between First and Economy Class?

1st Class shipping with DHL Express is a bit more expensive but offers proper online tracking, fast delivery and insurance. Economy Class shipping with Deutsche Post priority can take up to 8 weeks to get to you and does not offer a detailled online tracking.

When do you ship my order?

Each delivery is dispatched within 1-2 working days. You will receive an automated email once we have shipped your order including a tracking link.

How long does the delivery take?

1st Class Shipping with DHL Express will take about 1-3 working days depending on where you are. Economy Class Shipping with Deutsche Post Priority can take up to one week national and up to 8 weeks international.

What about tracking my order?

We will send you an email once your order is shipped when you chose First Class shipping. This email includes a link with which you can track and trace your order.

What is included?

Your own piece of aviation history, the shipping and the German VAT – if applicable. Please note that when you order from outside of the European Union, your country of residence might impose custom fees or taxes on the import of your order. This is nothing that we can change or even influence at all, since that totally is in the jurisdiction of your home country. In case of doubt please check with your domestic authorities first.

Further note for India: DHL may levy an additional disbursement fee over and above the Govt. import taxes

Can I order from anywhere?

Whether you’re on a tropical island, the North Pole or in Fanafuti, as long as your trusted postman knows where to find you, we will send you your Aviationtag wherever! When you are ordering from abroad, please keep in mind that your country of residence might charge you customs fees or taxes which is outside of our control.

How can I pay for my Aviationtag?

You may use one of the following payment options: PayPal, credit card and quick transfer (Sofortüberweisung).


Is my Aviationtag really a piece of an actual plane?

We were hoping you’d ask that!

Yes, yes it is! Each and every one of our tags was a real plane in its former life.

It has travelled the world for many years and seen all sorts of places before it was chosen to become your Aviationtag.

The serial number and the aircraft number on the front of the tag will tell you which plane the tag originates from.


Which part of the plane is my tag made of?

We usually use parts of the hull, but the wings and the tail unit also find their way into a new life as an Aviationtag.

What material are planes and therefore Aviationtags actually made of?

We punch our Aviationtags from the outer skin of a plane. This is made of aircraft aluminium which is a special alloy of aluminium, magnesium and other metals.


Are all the Aviationtags the same?

No, each and every Aviationtag is unique. Depending on the plane they were cut from they vary in haptics, thickness of material and colour. The shape of the tags is identical, the rest is 100% aviation history.

Do all multi-coloured tags look the same?

No, and we like it that way. After all, the tags are all unique and we want to be able to tell them apart. Depending on which part of the plane your tag is cut from, the colouring on the front and back also differs.There is no guarantee for a certain color scheme or split or percentags of color. For example a black/white Aviationtag must be black and white – no more, no less.

What size is an Aviationtag?

Every tag is 35mm wide and 88mm long. Depending on the plane it came from the thickness varies between 0.5mm and 3mm.

Where is the Aviationtag made?

After the planes have served above the clouds and travelled the world, we prepare the plane parts for their new lives here in Cologne. We punch them, engrave them and also package the Aviationtags here so we can proudly say they are Made in Cologne.

Which airline is my Aviationtag from?

We love your curiosity! That is why we engraved the aircraft number and its serial number in the front. Not only does is look rather cool but you can also use the data to research more about the plane’s history on the internet. This way you can get to know more about your personal Aviationtag.

How does the design get onto the Aviationtag?

Everything you see on the tag is laser engraved.

Colour, texture and material are in their original state.

Lost & Found

How does the Lost & Found service work?

Even the best of us can lose something at some point. For this exact reason we came up with the Lost & Found Service. The unique combination of serial number, aircraft number and an honest finder make it possible for the tag to find its way to us. We then try our utmost to get your beloved item back to you.

Further Questions

Can I get a specific serial number?

An Aviationtag with your favourite number is a great idea – theoretically. Practically speaking though, this idea is a logistical nightmare and we can’t commit ourselves to such an endeavour.


Can I get an Aviationtag in a specific colour?

We wish we could offer you a wider colour palette when it comes to our tags. But it’s already really, really hard to get aircraft parts, and getting them in various colours is a hundred times harder. We are working day and night to be able to offer you more colours. Unfortunately, we can’t say when your colour becomes available, it’s just a matter of chance. The best idea is to keep coming back here and having a look or signing up for our newsletter.

I have a plane. Can you make me a tag out of that?

We don’t have a runway yet, but you are more than welcome to pop by.

I want to order an Aviationtag as a present. Can I do that?

Sure you can! At least when it comes to entering a different shipping address than your billing address.

Unfortunately, we are not very good at wrapping presents, so we can’t in good conscience offer you this service as well.

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