• Interview with Boeing 747 Pilot Eva Claire Marseille

    Today we have the great pleasure to continue our pilot interview series and have asked Eva Claire Marseille, pilot on the Boeing 747-8 and the Boeing 747-400ERF in Hong Kong, a number of questions. Hope you will enjoy it as much as we did. Tell us a bit about yourself… My name is Eva, I …

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  • “How I met the PH-BFR” – by Captain Eric Akker

    The PH-BFR (Rio de Janeiro) was a B747-400M (Mixed, also called “combi”). It could carry both passengers and freight on the maindeck. In 1994 I was co-pilot and assistant-technical pilot and member of the KLM acceptance team. On January 11th 1994 we made the first so-called C (Customer-) 1 flight with the BFR. A testflight, …

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  • Christmas FAQ 2018

    FAQs for the Holiday Season 2018 has been a fantastic and exciting year for us at Aviationtag and that is all because of YOU! We are very grateful for your loyalty and ongoing support and would like to thank you for that. Now that Christmas is approaching, we would like to provide you with the …

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  • Balthasar Children’s & Young Adults’ Hospice

    Aviationtag cares.

    Aviationtag cares. And so should you. 2018 has been a fantastic year so far and now in the spirit of Christmas, it is time to give something back to you and to society. We have emptied our shelves and found some extra special Aviationtags for you. The majority of those tags are sold out already, …

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  • Hartelijk welkom PH-BFR!

    Welcome (to) “Rio de Janeiro”! Another airline just joined the Aviationtag fleet and we will give you some interesting background information about the former KLM Boeing 747 today. This airplane is actually a Boeing 747-400 M, so a passenger/cargo or “Combi” variant to be precise. This specific aircraft type first flew on June 30, 1989 …

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  • Interview with Airbus A320 / A330 Pilot David Garcia

    Today we will take you behind the scenes once more. Actually we will even take you to the flight deck in this post. We have found a pilot that was actually flying our Iberia Airbus A320 – the EC-FGR – and have asked him for an interview. Would you like to introduce yourself? My name …

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  • fastjet AIrbus A319 Aviationtag

    Welcome Grey Bird!

    Welcome to the Aviationtag fleet, Grey Bird! We would like to welcome yet another carrier to the Aviationtag fleet: Welcome on board fastjet! Back in the year 2004 this A319-100 was  manufactured by Airbus in Hamburg-Finkenwerder with the serial number (MSN) 2308.  The first flight took place on September the 13th of that year and …

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  • The art of being unique

    Calling every Aviationtag a work of art would be going too far. But we can safely say that every tag is one of a kind. Why? That’s the question we are aiming to answer in today’s blog post. On the one hand, the products we sell are brand new, at the same time though you …

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  • Fokker 50 SAS and Minoan AIr

    Transformation of a Fokker 50 to an Aviationtag

    We promised you a look behind the scenes and this is what we are going to grant you today. There will not be a whole lot of text but we will rather illustrate the transformation of the Fokker 50 SX-BRV (formerly Minoan Air and SAS) to an Aviationtag. We will take you with us to …

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  • Iberia Airbus A320 Aviationtag EC-FGR

    Bienvenido Iberia!

    Hola! We are adding yet another European flag-carrier to our fleet and welcome the Airbus A320 “Dehesa de Moncayo” in our Aviationtag family! Back in September 1991 the A320-200 left the Airbus facility in Toulouse bearing the Manufacturer Serial Number (MSN) 224 and was flown over to Spain.

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