Random Airbus A320 - PR-MAP - TAM Logo
Random Airbus A320 - PR-MAP - TAM Logo
Random Airbus A320 - PR-MAP - TAM Logo
Random Airbus A320 - PR-MAP - TAM Logo

Random Airbus A320 - PR-MAP - TAM Logo

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New Aviationtag Edition: Airbus A320 - PR-MAP, a Piece of South American Aviation History!

Introducing our latest Aviationtag Edition! We are delighted to unveil the Airbus A320 with the registration PR-MAP. This aircraft, with the MSN 1857, was delivered to TAM, a Brazilian airline that operates as LATAM Airlines Brasil and is a subsidiary of the LATAM Airlines Group. This airline was formed in 2012 through the merger with LAN Airlines, a Chilean airline.

From 2016, the Airbus A320 PR-MAP was operated by Latam Brazil before it was retired in 2020 and eventually recycled in 2022. Now, you have the unique opportunity to own a piece of South American aviation history. Each Aviationtag has been carefully crafted from the materials of the original aircraft, carrying the story and charm of the Airbus A320 PR-MAP.

Here you can purchase a Surprise Aviationtag that will be randomly selected and sent to you. It is manufactured from the TAM logo and can come in single-color (blue - approximately 50% of Aviationtags), dual-color (red/yellow or blue/red - approximately 40% of Aviationtags), or even tri-color (blue/red/white or blue/red/yellow - approximately 10% of Aviationtags) variations.

The variants of red and red-white are not included and can be purchased separately. Please note that returns or exchanges due to personal preference are not accepted.

If you would be disappointed with receiving a single-color Aviationtag (of which there are only a maximum of 30 available), please refrain from making a purchase.

Manufacturer: Airbus

Model: A320

Registration: PR-MAP

Last airline: LATAM

We send ours Aviationtags all over the world. You have the choice between Economy Class
Shipping as Warenpost with Deutsche Post or 1st Class shipping with DHL Express.

Note: Each tag is unique. Depending on the plane, they differ in their feel, thickness of the material and color. Small bumps tell of the many years in the air and express the character of days gone by. Minor scratches, paint chips and bumps are completely normal and give the Aviationtag its special charm - that of a vintage product made from upcycled materials. These special features are not the result of the production process, but reflect the condition of the aircraft material used!

When using as a key ring or luggage tag, we recommend using the Aviationtag cover.

Airbus A320: The Airbus A320 is a twin-engine short- and medium-haul narrow-body airliner for a maximum of 180 passengers produced by the European manufacturer Airbus S.A.S. As the first variant, it is the basic model of the low-wing A320 family. As the world's first production aircraft with fly-by-wire controls and side sticks, it was also called the "Atari aircraft".